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I provide keynote presentations with a specific focus on the topics of team culture and racial justice. Because I have managed organizations and led teams in both the public and private sector, additional topics can be varied to include areas of management and leadership, with emphasis on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. I can provide workshops alone or bring in a team of multiracial consultants as needed. I have found that when doing workshops on racial diversity, an interracial training team can be beneficial depending on the racial composition of your group or team. Keynote presentations can be from a list of standard topics or customized to meet your specific organizational needs. 


Standard Keynote Presentation Topics:  

  • Developing a Common Understanding of Race

  • Understanding the Need for Cultural Competency   

  • Minority Frustrations with White Organizations

  • Decolonizing Your Theology 

  • Using Equity Principles in Hiring, Supervising, and Team-Building

  • Using Personality Testing in Hiring, Supervising, and Team-Building

  • How Understanding Equity Affects Your Bottom Line

  • Developing a Passion for Equity 

  • Why Faith-Based Organizations Need Diversity


*Keynote Talks range from 45-90 minutes. 




This is the foundational WORKshop in the series. This two-day offering is designed to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the ideas of race and racism, their origins, their many forms; and to develop general principles of equity that can be implemented in your organizations and relationships. The concepts introduced in this learning exchange are designed to be part of a graduated approach to developing an anti-racist leadership team, workforce, and ultimately an anti-racist organization.  


Ideas explored in this WORKshop include: 

  • Learning the historical creation of the major structures and institutions of our society

  • Developing an analysis of the systems of power in the structures and institutions of our society

  • Learning how power arrangements are expressed differently in our neighborhoods, organizations, and relationships

  • Developing a common language and framework of the terms, definitions, and concepts related to the creation of the ideas of race and racism in the United States

  • Analyzing how specific systems such as education, medicine, law enforcement, juvenile corrections, child welfare, housing, and faith-based organizations maintain and perpetuate racism even in the absence of explicit racial bias

  • Discuss the various forms and impacts of racism including the concepts of internalized superiority and inferiority

  • Discovering how our personal connection and investment in systems of power influence our individual and organizational behavior


This WORKshop is designed to help organizations and communities benefit from increased awareness and decreased reluctance to discuss concepts related to race that can be difficult and anxiety-inducing in many situations. It provides a safe, neutral environment to equip participants to understand where non-conscious racial biases come from, how they lead to the development of stereotypes, and how they impact our personal and professional decision-making.


Ideas explored in this WORKshop include: 

  • Understanding the cognitive foundations of implicit bias and how these biases are influenced by our racial frames and schema

  • Developing a common vocabulary to understand how implicit racial bias differs from racism, stereotyping, and other terms

  • Learning how implicit racial bias disadvantages some and advantages others

  • Recognizing implicit racial bias in myself and others

  • Understanding the need for cultural competence and cultural humility

  • Developing principles to address negative racial bias in my organization


*WORKShops can range from 4 hours to 1-3 days; depending on the needs of the organization. Offerings longer than one day can also be spaced (non-consecutive) to meet the organizational need. For any length, I recommend that WORKshops be supported by a follow-up session to demonstrate organizational commitment to training goals and to reinforce learning. Contact us for additional details and sample agenda.


When offering your services, do your clients, students, or constituents of color experience worse outcomes as compared to their white counterparts? Would you like to create an organization that is committed to equity but don't know where to begin? Do you want to create a sustained commitment to change that doesn't feel like "flavor of the month" to your staff or team members? Do you need help navigating difficult but necessary conversations around implicit racial bias, racism, or racial justice?


The Equity Audit is designed to provide you with a leadership team organizational assessment to determine the best course of action in developing an organization committed to principles of equity and inclusion. This is often a beneficial first step when commitment to the process among team members needs to be assessed. 


Assessment Areas Include:

  • Leadership team commitment

  • Confidential employee/team interviews to assess primary concept areas to focus equity efforts

  • Benefit/Cost Analysis (BCA) of equity program implementation

  • Policy and Process audit 

  • Benchmarking and timetable development


One of the most common questions after someone has attended a workshop on racial equity or implicit bias is, "now what?" This is a profoundly important question. Once a participant has learned the concepts presented in our WORKshops, both their internal work and their desire for tangible next steps begin. This process should be celebrated and cultivated for the benefit of the individual, the organization, and ultimately, the people you serve. 


To this end, I provide short (90-minutes to 2 hours) on-going workplace training, leadership team coaching, consulting, professional development (PD), and technical assistance to help with the implementation of equity principles into your organization. 


Planning, PD, and Technical Assistance Includes:

  • Resources for independent learning

  • Group coaching calls and webinars

  • Individual anti-racist coaching and education

  • Training for beginning employee-led groups (caucuses) within the organization

  • Technical assistance to develop internal "practice champions" to ensure the work continues beyond the training.   

  • Technical assistance to develop/update policies, procedures, equity-based on-boarding processes, position descriptions, and employee evaluations  

  • Development of equity-based key performance indicators (KPI's)

  • Benchmarking and timetable development


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