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Abdul Muhammad, CPMP, M.A.

Consultant & Principal Facilitator

Abdul brings a wealth of experience and expertise from 25 years of working with families, businesses, teams, public organizations, and communities. 


This experience spans the fields of social work, public administration, business, marketing, academia, non-profit and ministry. Abdul has worked passionately to improve outcomes for youth and families in the child welfare system; through working in group care, mental health, and as a child protective social worker and administrator. While in the private sector, Abdul served as chief operating officer for an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing company. He has also been a marketing and HR consultant to small business owners and a coach to entrepreneurs and leadership teams. 


Abdul serves in several capacities at the community level as well. He works with the faith community, public school teachers, grassroots community organizations, university faculty and staff, and county courts. As a workshop facilitator and antiracist educator, Abdul has proven skill at engaging participants from all walks of life. He has trained thousands of people ranging from single parents, social workers, educators, attorneys, judges, medical professionals, business professionals, church members and leaders, community stakeholders, law enforcement, and others.


Abdul holds undergraduate degrees in American History and Political Science from Iowa State University. He has a Graduate Certification in Public Management and Policy, and an M.A. in Political Science with a focus on American Politics, Public Policy, and Political and Organizational Behavior. Abdul lives with his family in Ames, Iowa.

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